More about accounting services

I offer the service through accounting software Simplbooks. If the customer wants to use other software, I can also provide the service in the software of your choice.

A monthly accounting service means that the customer's accounts are kept on a monthly basis, this service is suitable for customers who are subject to VAT, pay a monthly salary or who want their accounts to be kept current. Companies that do not have an active business or do not have to declare KMD or TSD declarations can also order a quarterly or annual accounting service. As a minimum, the company's accounts must be kept once a year in order to submit an annual report, which is mandatory for each company.

The monthly accounting fee includes the establishment of accounting. Monthly verification of source documents and their entry into the accounting program. The minimum monthly fee includes the maintenance of purchase and sale records, as well as entries with reporting persons; VAT accounting and its declaration in the e-tax office, fixed asset accounting, consultation up to 1 h per month. If desired, the client receives the financial statements by e-mail on a monthly basis. Simplbooks access for one user is included in the price.

The payroll calculation includes the calculation of the salary of the employee (s), the calculation of taxes. Calculation of holiday pay and days. Declaring payroll taxes at the Tax Board and keeping a register of employees. Sending a holiday accounting report to employees, sending pay slips directly to the employee's e-mail. Calculation and transmission of sickness and other benefits.

Preparation and submission of the annual report to the Commercial Register. Preparation of an annual report for a regular customer free of charge and for a new customer on the basis of a price list.

Reviewing and correcting old periods. I review and fix the accounting of your company's old periods. Among other things, I fix declarations and Annual Reports,  review the accounting methods, etc.. If the client wishes to do the accounting partly or fully on his own, it is also possible to agree on an ongoing inspection, for example once a month or once a quarter. At the same time, if necessary, I advise / instruct the client on how to cope independently.

I help the company management save time and I can help with the following support activities also:

Preparation of documents. I prepare sales invoices or, if necessary, prepare various documents, for example: mission reports, expense reports, minutes of meetings, decisions of the management board, directives, deeds - etc. documents that are necessary in accounting and help the company's management to save time.

Preparation of payments and / or making payments in the Internet bank. I help monitor the timely payment of purchase invoices, salaries and taxes by preparing payments for payment in the Internet bank.

Tracking sales invoice receipts and sending reminders to debtors. I monitor the receipt of your sales invoices and compile a list of debtors and / or send reminders about unpaid invoices directly to your customers.

Preparation of management reports. In accordance with the wishes of the Management Board, I prepare various reports, which should facilitate the Management Board's monitoring of business activities. For example, cost-benefit sharing by project, activity or department, which allows reports to be extracted accordingly.

Preparation and submission of statistical reports. Leave me to fill in and submit statistical reports to various agencies.

Preparation of internal accounting rules.

Commercial Register entries. I will help you make entries in the Commercial Register. For example, changing the name of a company, changing the address, creating a company, registering unpaid share capital, company liquidation etc.

You can find the prices of the services here.